Upload: picoLisp Build for libreCMC (MIPS)

I managed to compile picoLisp-16.12 for MIPS (mips32r2) and librecmc-1.3.4. I did this so I could run picoLisp on my TPE-R1100. This was a bit complicated so I want to share the build to save others the trouble:


You must download the above file, unzip it (sorry about that — this blogging platform apparently only allows upload zip files) then scp the tarball to the device, then extract the contents, and then follow the local or global installation instructions from the INSTALL file.

If you wish to build the above from source, you need the picoLisp-16.12 source code and the librecmc-1.3.4 source code. Then you must build the librecmc toolkit and use it to compile the picoLisp source code. I had to adjust the picoLisp src/Makefile:


The other source code can be found at their respective Web sites:



I expect the build would work on other versions of librecmc and other buildroot based embedded mips32r2 systems, but I’m just guessing.


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