Dr. Theobold: A Text Adventure Game

Dr. Theobold is a single-player, exploratory text-adventure game written in PicoLisp. You explore the strange home of Dr. Theobold, filled with his curious inventions, while trying to solve puzzles that bar your progress. It is entirely text-based, meaning that you simply type in the actions you want to do, and it uses words to describe your surroundings and the results of your actions.



The game should work on any operating system that can run the PicoLisp interpreter. You’ll typically need to install PicoLisp first, unless you are using my Debian package. Dr. Theobold is free software distributed under the GPL-3+ license.


Debian/Gnu Linux Operating System

A Debian package was built for the “Stretch” release (version 9.*). It will like work in all future releases as well.

  1. Visit http://download.savannah.nongnu.org/releases/dr-theobold/ and download the newest file ending in “.deb”.
  2. From a terminal, run the command “sudo dpkg -i FILE” replacing FILE with the name of the .deb file you downloaded.

Other Operating Systems

  1. Download PicoLisp from https://software-lab.de/down.html and follow the installation instructions.
  2. Visit http://download.savannah.nongnu.org/releases/dr-theobold/ and download the newest archive file starting with “dr-theobold-beta”.
  3. Decompress the archive and follow the installation instructions in the README.txt file.

Development and Packaging

The project is hosted at http://savannah.nongnu.org/projects/dr-theobold. The game is complete, but I would be glad to get bug reports. Source code and debian source files are available from the project Download Area. I would be glad to host packages built for other operating systems, provided that the package source files are made available under a free software license.